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From salon to home: our professional products ensure you get the perfect style and care for your hair every time. At ID hairdressing we are passionate about taking care of our client’s hair and are fully committed to only using the very best products that give an exceptional finish on every occasion. To make sure we always achieve the very best results for your hair, ID hairdressing work in close partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel Paris bringing our customers professional hair care products for all hair types. You can discover more about the professional L’Oréal products we use here.

Brazilian Blow Dry and Hair Straightening

At ID hairdressing we can transform curly, unruly or frizzy hair to beautifully smooth, sleek and manageable hair for up to 8 weeks, using state-of-the-art nutri-catoionic technology that the X-Tenso Moisturist straighteners offer. This technology adds shine and condition to your hair, giving volume control and making it easier to blow dry. Our stylists can achieve smooth, healthy looking hair that will remain straight until your hair starts to grow out. We can create one of three natural looking finishes depending on the appearance you desire – Brazilian Straight (very smooth), Slight Wave (retain some volume) or Relaxed Look (de-volume).

Balayage Hair Colouring

Coming from the French term ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’, Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique that can be applied to any natural or coloured hair, giving a blended sun kissed look, that blends seamlessly into your natural hair colour showing no obvious or harsh lines. Available in many different colour options, Balayage uses various tones of light and dark to give a subtle hint of colour to your hair with a gradual transition of colour from root to tip leaving the hair with a blended, natural finish. Balayage gives a softer appearance than Ombre, requiring less maintenance.

Ombré Hair Colouring

Ombré hair colouring creates a stronger, more dramatic impact than Balayage, giving a two-toned effect that is usually darker at the top, often the natural hair colour, that transitions to a lighter shade towards the ends. Ombré means ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’, in French and this gradient effect gives a clear fade line between the two colours. Suitable for medium to long hair, although Ombré requires more maintenance than Balayage, this technique provides endless possibilities of colour combinations, from natural blondes, brunettes and reds to more distinctive pinks, purples or blues.

Semi Permanent Hair Colour – DIA Light

ID hairdressing offer an outstanding semi-permanent colouring system for those with previously coloured or weakened hair. There are over 40 colours available, enabling our hairdressers to create the perfect shade, tailored to the exact colour you are looking for. This acidic tone-on-tone colour by L’Oréal brings luminous reflects and gorgeous vibrancy to your hair colour, whilst retaining a natural look that lasts for up to 4 weeks. With a development time of only 20 minutes, DIA Light is the perfect choice when you’re short of time or to top up your permanent hair colour.

Semi Permanent Hair Colour - DIA Richesse

If you are considering dying your hair for the first time, ID hairdressing offer semi-permanent colouring that lasts for up to 4 weeks. We use L’Oréal DIA Richesse, an ammonia free, tone-on-tone hair colour that illuminates the natural hair colour, leaving the hair with a high shine finish, feeling conditioned and soft to the touch. With over 60 shades available, this semi-permanent colour is ideal for those wanting to blend away those first grey hairs, whilst still looking completely natural and because it has a short development time of only 20 minutes, it is perfect for those with busy lives too.

Permanent Hair Colour - Luo

L’Oréal’s Luo Colour is a fresh and long-lasting, multi-dimensional permanent translucent hair colour available in 46 beautiful shades. Perfect for those moving from a semi-permanent colour or clients wanting to achieve white hair coverage with a natural look, this stunning hair colour contains a unique combination of photo-reflective colourants that enable the hair to absorb and reflect light, leaving hair looking radiant with a brilliant shine. Covering up to 70% of white hair and providing up to 3 levels of lightening, Luo Colour is enriched with Nutri-shine technology and grape seed oil for luminous, intense and vibrant results in just 20 minutes.

Permanent Hair Colour - INOA

INOA is L’Oréal’s first permanent ammonia free hair colour range with Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology. Enriched with oils, this leading hair colour leaves the hair feeling highly conditioned with a bright and natural exquisite colour. The oils act as a catalyst for adding colour to the hair strands. INOA gives up to 100% grey hair coverage and the ultimate in luxury colour, without the lingering odour of ammonia. Available in a full range of colours, you can choose one or a blend of shades to give up to 3 levels of lightening. The result? Long-lasting and glossy hair, rich in luscious colour.

Permanent Hair Colour - INOA Supreme

INOA supreme is a multi-tonal permanent hair colour specifically designed for grey hair coverage. This long-lasting, ammonia free, natural looking colour will leave your hair feeling beautifully conditioned with superb, continued colour radiance. You can enjoy up to 3 levels of lightening or darkening, with up to 17 shades to choose from. INOA Supreme gives enhanced scalp comfort and no odour during the 30-minute development time, whilst providing up to 100% grey hair coverage. This innovative colour system will leave your hair feeling completely nourished, hydrated and full of volume with an incredible shine.

Permanent Hair Colour - Majirel

For the very best finish, ID hairdressing work with L’Oréal’s Majirel permanent hair colouring system. With over 100 shades of rich, long lasting, intense colours, that can be personalised to you, Majirel permanent hair dye always provides perfect coverage of grey hair, from root to tip. From icy blondes and on trend metallics, to vibrant brunettes and bold reds, our colourists are sure to create the perfect colour for your hair. Majirel hair colour is enriched with Incell™ and Ionène G™ to strengthen and reinforce the hair fibres leaving your hair feeling stronger, beautifully soft and with a high shine gloss.

Permanent Hair Colour - Majirel Glow

A natural glow from within is the latest trend in beauty and this subtle and natural reflective look can now be achieved with a brand-new hair colouring system. Majirel Glow is L’Oréal Professionel’s first translucent permanent hair colour offering a neutralised finish with intense luminosity. This new palette of shades is boosted in cool reflects lightening by up to 3 levels for a natural looking sheer and lustrous effect with radiant shine. As this innovative colour system has been created with a specifically designed balanced range of dyes that have more reflects and less depth, it provides +50% more light reflection and 4 times more translucency than other products.

Permanent Hair Colour - Majirel Cool Cover

For a permanent hair colour that gives extreme cool coverage, choose Majirel Cool Cover, a long-lasting permanent hair colour with high resistance to fading. Available in 14 gorgeous shades, from cool brown through to blonde, this range provides optimal neutralisation on even the darkest bases for ultra-deep and enduring results. This product contains Ionène G™ and Incell™, advanced technologies designed to treat, strength and protect hair fibre, with a high concentration of extra cool blue reflects that counteract the warm pigments in hair that cause brassiness over time.

Permanent Hair Colour - Majirel High-Lift

Create a super shimmering result with Majirel High-Lift – a permanent hair colour containing Icium+, a new iridescent colourant, available in 9 stunning ice-cool shades, including ash and violet. Ultra-cool tones and luminous platinum blonde hues bring a long-lasting radiance to your hair. With its enriched neutralising formula, Majirel High-Lift is the perfect choice for natural hair and for touching up previously lightened roots, leaving hair feeling silky soft after colouring.

Lightening Powder - Blond Studio 7

Looking for that vibrant summer style? L’Oréal’s Blond Studio 7, without bonder, contains no ammonia and can achieve up to 7 levels of lift with its multi-technique lightening powder, perfect for styles such as balayage, highlights and bronde. Using a 19% clay formula it creates a thick textured affect that also softens hair without the use of foils and heat. Whilst in addition, it has a steady level of lift to create the perfect formula for stunning natural lightening results with no demarcation.

Lightening Powder - Blond Studio 8

Allow us to create for you, your very own blond ambition. L’Oréal’s Blond Studio 8, without bonder, is a fast-acting multi-technique lightening powder that lets you achieve up to 8 stunning levels lighter than your natural shade. This creamy formula is gentle on hair and is perfect for all hair types. The powder is specifically adapted to allow our stylists to perform classic open air techniques such as balayage, highlights and even a full head application.


Blond Studio 8 - Bonder Inside

Now your hair can be blonder and stronger in one simple step, with Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside. This easy to use, innovative lightening powder is ideal for refreshing foil highlights and balayage, or correcting at home colour mistakes. Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside is easy to use, with no additional mixing or development time needed. It achieves up to 8 levels of lift and with a high concentration of citric acid and glycine bonding complex, your hair will be protected and maintain its integrity as it lightens.

Lightening Powder - Blond Studio 9

With an incredible 9 levels of lift, L’Oréal’s Blond Studio 9 is specifically adapted for open air and scalp techniques to achieve that optimum blond result. Enriched with Olicare Complex™ it is formulated to be used exclusively with L’Oréal’s first professional oil developers, providing improved hair cosmeticity and maximum performance. Containing high concentrations of Citric Acid Glycine, complex bonds are protected whilst lightening. A fast development time of only 10 minutes before visible signs of lift means lower levels of volume developer is required. Suitable for all hair types and styles ranging from full head through to balayage and highlights.

Blond Studio 9 - Bonder Inside

Fulfil all your blond desires with Blond Studio 9 – L’Oréal Professionnel’s first lightening powder, that gives up to 9 levels of lift without compromising the condition of the hair. This on-trend lightener, enriched with Olicare Complex™, a caring blend of ingredients designed to improve the cosmeticity of the hair, brings a high-performance neutralising formula and optimal adherence, making it the perfect option for highlights, balayage or full head applications.

Bond Strengthening System

At ID hairdressing we don’t just colour your hair – we want to help protect it too. Using Smartbond, the newest generation bond strengthening system by L’Oréal, we can protect your hair and prevent damage while colouring. This two-step process has been specifically created to work together with pre-lightener and colour products to protect and strengthen the hair fibres during colouring, giving a stronger, softer and shinier finish. Smartbond is suitable for use on all hair types during your hair colouring service.

Le Hair Bronzing

Inspired by the bronzing make-up trend, Le Hair Bronzing gives the hair a natural looking summer radiance by colouring carefully selected sections of hair around the face. It creates a bright and healthy-looking glow and radiance, just like its make-up equivalent. Available in 8 shades that embrace the warmer tones, the bronzing palette will help you achieve the perfect summer look, whether you’re a blonde or brunette, leaving your hair with a unique and luminous shine. Perfect for thinner hair, Le Hair Bronzing gives the appearance of thicker locks.

Smoky Hair

‘Smoky Hair’ is an innovative technique now available at ID Hairdressing. This new trend is all about creating a seamless blend of colour tones, just like ‘smoky eye’ makeup. The beauty of smoky hair lies in the contrast between an opaque deep root colour and a gradual evolution to more transparent and brighter ends. Using harmonious shades, the smoky technique is a subtle and neutralised look, using cool colours dégradé, from roots to lengths. Your professional colourist will apply 2-3 custom shades, from the darkest at the roots to the lightest at the tips, smudging the transitions where they meet.

Metal Detox

ID Hairdressing are now offering an innovative ‘Metal Detox’ service, that will complement colour, balayage and lightening, leaving hair with up to 87% less breakage risk. This is three stage treatment that consists of pre-treatment, shampoo, and an anti-deposit protector mask. The pre-treatment uses a patented technology with Glicoamine that is applied to the hair before colouring, balayage or lightening. It helps to protect the hair fibre by neutralising excess copper that can leave hair prone to breakage. After treatment, a cleansing cream shampoo removes the accumulation of particles and cleans the hair fibre. Finally, an anti-deposit protector mask protects the hair fibre from any new metal particle deposits coming back.

What's New at ID - Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Colours are a fantastic colour option for anyone looking for a less permanent change. This highly pigmented vegan formula is available in 16 shades and produces vibrant results that fade evenly and are true to tone. Deeper shades fade over 42 washes, lighter pastels over 25 and neons between 25-30 washes. Powered by quinoa, a vegan based protein, along with a nourishing creamy conditioner, it requires less application to fully saturate the hair. Consistently using high quality ingredients means that hair is healthier after each application.

What's New at ID - French Glossing

The new trend for 2022 is here and you will be certain to have a new style that you J’adore!. French glossing is an innovative hair colouring trend that will leave your dry and frizzy hair, healthy, vibrant and with a stunning shine. Based on a simple approach to hair colouring, a permanent colour is applied to the roots. What follows is an ammonia free gloss that is applied throughout the hair. This combination creates a smooth end to end light reflective tone. Regardless of your hair colour or texture this new gorgeous hair trend is for everyone.

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